Forks Community Days Drinking a Worry

Forks Township Police Chief Greg Dorney expresses concerns about alcohol use at Forks Community Days.

The beer will be flowing at this weekend. And the will be watching.

Forks Township Police Chief Greg Dorney has raised concerns about drinking at Community Days now that beer and wine will no longer be contained to a fenced-in area.

The had voted to allow the Business and Commerce Association of Forks Township and festival organizers to let patrons carry their beer and wine throughout festival grounds.

But that worries Dorney since this is the first time that practice is allowed.

"I'm thinking ahead, maybe I'm being pessimistic," he told the board.

Dorney was given authorization from the supervisors to shut down the beer tent or return it to a fenced-in area if he perceives problems.

The chief said he is concerned that since patrons can drink anywhere on festival grounds, the alcohol could fall into the hands of those who aren't of legal drinking age.

"Anytime there's alcohol, there's a potential," Dorney said.

Supervisors Chairman Erik Chuss asked Dorney what criteria he would use to make a decision about limiting alcohol use to a certain area.

"Something that creates a major disruption," the chief said.

"The chief has the final say," Supervisor David Billings said.

One thing Dorney requested is stopping alcohol sales about a half-hour to an hour before fireworks begins at 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

"I don't want to be a sourpuss," he said. "But this way, we have a buffer zone."

Mr. Business September 14, 2012 at 11:51 AM
The board voted several months ago to allow the beer and wine tent to remain open for all festival hours which is until 10:00 pm on Sat and 7:00 pm on Sun. The board has not voted to overturn that decision, so we intend to keep the tent open for the entire festival. It would be unfair to those that show up to the festival at 9:00 pm to watch the fireworks at 9:30 and want their first beverage, to be denied. We will obviously exercise extreme discretion when serving alcohol. Those that appear intoxicated will not be served at any hour. We certainly understand the extra burden having a beer tent places on local law enforcement and appreciate their efforts. Thank you! The police are running a clam tent next to the beer tent and will have a close eye on patrons. Palmer Weekend, Music Fest and many other area festivals successful operate beer tents… I don’t see why ours should be any different. . We do not want any problems either… we wish to continue having the beer and wine text at the festival for many years to come.


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