Penn's Ridge Residents to Get Sinkholes Repaired

Omega Homes has agreed to repair sinkholes and damaged decks.

A developer has agreed to take care of sinkhole problems that have plagued one neighborhood.

The flooding and rain caused by and Tropical Storm Lee have left on several properties in the just off of Kesslersville Road, threatening homes.

According to Mark Roberts, the township's Director of Public Works, 11 have opened up in the development, three just last week. The largest hole -- and most threatening, he said -- is approximately 28 feet by 18 feet with an approximate depth of 6 feet.

On Sept. 1, residents appeared before the township Board of Supervisors asking for help in resolving their sinkhole problems. Most of the residents say homeowners insurance policies would not cover repairs. Since the development is not owned by the township, repairs will have to be done by Omega Homes, an Allentown-based developer.

Peg Dissinger, vice president of land development for Omega Homes, said Friday that although the company has “no responsibility” to repair the sinkholes, Omega will make all the necessary repairs at no cost to the residents.

Roberts said most of the holes are between Jeannette Lane and Gillian Lane in the rear of the properties, with the exception of one between two properties in the front of the residences.

 “The weather conditions have made it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the residents to do any needed repairs to their collapsing decks,” said Roberts. “The holes are getting larger in all areas and soil is actually pulling away from the foundations of two units. It really is unsafe for anyone to even venture into the rear of the residence.”

Provided that the weather does not delay work, the repairs will be done as soon as possible, said Dissinger.


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