Roman Excursion: The Greatest Master Pieces in the World

Who won out: Michelangelo or Raphael?

I will fully admit that the weather here in the land of pasta and scarves is absolutely amazing. For the most part, the weather here has been sunny, 85 degrees, and perfect. Weirdly enough, however, on Thursday the heavens decided to open up and unleash a storm the likes of which have only been seen once before in ten years. 


Around 4 A.M. it started to drizzle, and within the hour flood warnings were issued and a lot of schools in the city limits closed down for the day. It even got to the point where you could not seen across the street. At about 10, me and my fellow roommates went up to our rooftop terrace (yeah, we have a rooftop terrace =] ) when there was a break in the rain and we actually able to see the storm coming towards Rome. It was the whole shabang; dark, ominous looking clouds with lighting bolts blasting across the sky every couple of minutes. It was really awesome to see, especially since rain is something that is pretty uncommon here. What isn't awesome is the fact that the metro stations closed down for the the full day, with a few of the stations still closed. Ugh, I guess I just have to walk around in Rome for a little while. Woe is I. 


On a slightly more educational front (more of proof to my mom that I am, in fact, learning here), me and the rest of my group of adventuring vikings received a tour of the Vatican Museum, or at least part of it. Holy Moley, that place is GIRNORMOUS! But seriously, the Vatican Museum, from what I saw, has to be the world's largest and greatest collection of art and history. Each and every single room that I stepped into was breathe taking and this is something that I can say without a single doubt in my mind. I can now proudly say that I have seen the works of the greatest artists to ever live: Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Let me tell you, these Ninja Turtles really knew how to paint and chisel. 


Obviously, the ultimate highlight of the tour is meant to be the Sistine Chapel, the defigning master piece of Michelangelo. This entire room is absolutely beautiful from door to door, from roof to ceiling. The story of creation that is painted on the ceiling is absolutely oustanding, awe inspiring, and to be honest, it brought a tears of joy and amazement to my eyes. While we are not supposed to take pictures, I read between the lines and took a video for everyone to see! I may have snuck in a picture or two as well. Hey, don't judge me. This is art that is meant to be shared with the world, not meant to be locked up in a room. Fun fact about the Sistine Chapel, it was Michelangelo's first real attempt at painting anything professionally around the age of 20. That is like stepping up to the plate during your first professional baseball game and hitting a grand slam on the first pitch. 


While the Sistine Chapel is absolutely outstanding, the high point for me was easily the paiting of the Transifiguration of Christ by Raphael. The colors are like nothing else I have ever seen before in my life. I am convinced that the shade of blue he used for the sky was used because of Divine Inspiration, for the only other blue that could be that pure was the blue worn by the Holy Virgin Mary. I attached a picture, because words literally can not describe the pure beauty that is held in this painting. But I also firmly believe that the Vatican Museum is something that every person should tour at least once in their lives. It truly isn't just a history of the Christian faith, it is a history of the entirety of humanity. 


There are just way to many things to mention in the Museum that we saw to mention them all. I tried to post as many pictures as I could of some of the things that I have seen. Also, in the video of the Sistine Chapel, the voices are a couple of us joking around after recovering from beauty induced shock. And my friend Matt doing a video update on his phone. The whole no talking rule didn't work out to well. 


Other than that, there is nothing else to major to report. Everyone on the trip (for the most part) is having an unbelievable time. Even write now, as I write this, a bunch of are hanging out in the guys apartment, cooking omletes and just enjoying each others company. Look out for the next blog post, I will be trying to update again soon!


Thanks for stopping by!


-- Panella 

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Jackie Crouse November 01, 2011 at 02:53 PM
Brian, Thanks for sharing, I stumbled upon this blog and will follow you through your journeys in Rome. The video and pictures are amazing. Jackie Crouse


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