Big Woody's Remains Closed After Sinkholes Open Up

Large sinkhole at foundation could delay opening for some time.

A row of businesses on Sullivan Trail, including , remains closed today until repairs on a huge set of are completed.

Workers have been trying to repair a water line that ruptured in the early-morning hours of Sunday, according to the building’s owner Joe Posh. The rupture caused several massive sinkholes to open up, including one at the back of the Big Woody’s Sports Bar & Restaurant. The rupture and were not a result of e that hit the region last week.

According to township manager Rick Schnaedter, other businesses could reopen in the coming days, but Big Woody’s will remain closed due to structural concerns. One of the large sinkholes opened up right under the foundation of the establishment.

The other businesses, which are at 1855 Sullivan Trail, include Restaurant, , CC Wireless and.

Water and gas lines have been disconnected and signs on the stores from the Forks Township Fire Department say the stores are unsafe for occupancy.

The hope was to have the repairs completed enough to have the stores reopened by Wednesday. But the stores remain closed as of today. On Monday, Posh said it would likely be several days before the sinkhole could be fixed.

The nearby and Ace Hardware did not sustain any damage and are open for business as usual.


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