Huge Sinkhole Temporarily Closes Stores

Big Woody's, Supercuts and Jasmine Restaurant in Forks closes after street-wide sink hole opens up.

A sinkhole spanning about 25 yards and as wide as a car opened up behind a block a stores at 1855 Sullivan Trail on Sunday, forcing the stores to temporarily close. 

The stores include and restaurants, , Verizon Wireless and.

According to the building's owner, Joe Posh, the hole opened during the early-morning hours Sunday as the result of a ruptured water line. Water and gas lines have been shut down and signs on the stores from the Forks Township Fire Department say the stores are unsafe for occupancy.

The stores will remain closed for at least two days. Employees from Big Woody's and Ivy Cleaners were at the stores today removing items.

According to Posh, it will likely be several more days before the sinkhole can be fixed. It is not clear if the ruptured water line was the result of .

The nearby and Ace Hardware stores did not sustain any damage and are open for business as usual.


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