Madame Mim's Opens in Easton

Owner hopes Madame Mim's New Age Shoppe is a positive force in downtown Easton.

Twenty-five years ago, Faith Proctor escaped an abusive relationship and found herself -- with three small children -- living at Easton's Third Street Alliance.

At night, she'd look at the window, toward the city's downtown businesses.

"Never would I have thought, looking at that window, that I'd have my own business in one of those buildings," Proctor said.

But of course, she does. It's called Madame Mim's New Age Shoppe, which opened earlier this month  -- across from the , no less.

Proctor -- who lives on the South Side -- said she spent over a year searching for the right space. 

Before that, she worked in the software industry, commuting each day to Stroudsburg, working 10-14 hour days.

"And I never had time for anything," Proctor said.

Now, she has Madame Mim's -- the name comes from Disney's The Sword in the Stone -- with its slogan "Simply become who you are." 

She sees the store as a way of giving back to Easton, a community she says has helped her family survive and thrive. 

Soon Proctor hopes to offer classes in prana vayu, tincture making and meditative art, as well as talks by artists and writers, and -- for Halloween -- a sceance. 

John Baggott July 06, 2012 at 08:25 PM
Its wonderful that there is a new age store in town but what are the store hours
F Proctor August 31, 2012 at 02:35 AM
Closed Mon. and Tues, Wed and Thurs 11-5, Fri. 1a1-7, Sat 9-4, Sun 9-1. Not open on Holidays.


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