Forks Expects the Biggest Community Days Ever

Sponsors and vendors sought for annual Forks Township Community Days in September.


With only four months to go, organizers of are gearing up for the township's annual September event.

Community Days Chairman Brian Lokitis, president of the Business and Commerce Association of Forks Township, is putting together plans for the festivities on Sept. 15-16.

"This is going to be the biggest year ever," Lokitis said.

Lokitis hopes that more people will be drawn from neighboring communities besides due to changes in rules regarding the beer tent.

This year, patrons will be allowed to carry their beer around the festival grounds where before they had been contained to a fenced-in area around the beer tent.

Lokitis has sent the word out in a letter to the community that Community Days is seeking sponsorships.

"The festival has enjoyed great success over the previous years," Lokitis said. "We provided enjoyment for children of all ages, adults and senior citizens."

Lokitis said that last year, several new features were introduced, including expanded musical entertainment and the beer tent.

"Last year was truly the best event we've ever held. We had a record number of attendees," he said. "This year's event promises to be even bigger and better."

Lokitis hopes that a balloon launch and free balloon rides will get off the ground this year. Last year, those features were announced, but had trouble taking off.

His big feature this year is the addition of a Ferris wheel. The new amphitheater will also house the entertainment.

Lokitis really hopes that more Forks Township businesses will showcase their goods and services.

The cost to rent space at the festival is $150 for food vendors, $50 for business displays and $25 for hand and home crafters. A non-profit display is free.

Sponsorships range from $4,000 for a major event sponsor, $2,500 for an amphitheater/band stage sponsor, $2,000 for the Ferris wheel sponsor, $1,500 for a family entertainment sponsor, $500 for a shirt sponsor or a car sponsor and $100 to be recognized as a Friends of Forks Community Days sponsor.

More information will be provided on the event's website at www.forkscommunitydays.com.

Any sponsorship donation is tax deductible.

Checks can be made out to "Forks Community Days" and sent to Forks Community Days, 1700 Sullivan Trail No. 149, Easton, Pa. 18040.

Anyone seeking more information should contact Lokitis at 610-730-3764 or by email at info@forkscommunitydays.com.


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