Tell Us: Has Kitchen Nightmares Changed Bella Luna?

Has chef Gordon Ramsay's visit to Forks restaurant helped its menu?

Gordon Ramsay.
Gordon Ramsay.
It's been three weeks since celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay visited Forks Township's Bella Luna restaurant for his FOX show Kitchen Nightmares.

And today we're wondering: How's the food since he's left?

It might be several months before the public gets a look at what went on during his visit. FOX has said Bella Luna's owners can't talk to the media until the episode airs. 

If you've never seen the show, it works like this:

Struggling (and sometimes failing) restaurants request Ramsay's help. He spends time tasting their food, observing their dinner services and inspecting their kitchens.

Invariably, he finds problems with some or all of these things—bad food, mismanaged services, filthy kitchens—followed by an angry confrontation with owners and managers. (You tend to hear the "bleep" sound effect a lot on Ramsay's shows.)

But eventually, he'll bring in a new menu, refurbish the restaurant, and put it on the right track.

So did his visit do the trick? Do you think the food's better or worse? Let us know in the comments.
Tammy Freer August 25, 2013 at 04:29 PM
Bella Luna is a great place to go!!! Chef Ramsey did a great job redecorating and menu changes. The food is wonderful the chefs are great I reccomend it!


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