Forks Bounces Back from Hurricane Sandy

Most Forks Township businesses back in business while power has been restored for most households.

Just A Dream was finding a way to generate business Wednesday afternoon.

After losing $3,000 worth of inventory to Hurricane Sandy, the popular yogurt shop had posted a sign saying that it had coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

"We lost all our inventory, had to throw out all the dairy," co-owner Gina Stocker said. "We couldn't chance it with customers."

Stocker said the shop closed 7 p.m. Monday and all day Tuesday. She said that yogurt isn't fresh anymore if the temperature tops 41 degrees.

But besides the coffee and hot items, Stocker was hopeful that another ordered yogurt shipment would arrive Wednesday afternoon.

Like a lot of other towns, Forks Township was trying to bounce back from Hurricane Sandy.

Township Manager John Cornell said that as of around noon Wednesday, 80 percent of the township had power restored.

"Power companies are doing all they can," he said. "[Sandy] wasn't as bad as anticipated. Our only damage was the roof on the firehouse."

Cornell said that the township's website was down, but power was back in the municipal building and the township's Thursday night Board of Supervisors work session was still on schedule.

Meanwhile, the Giant Food Store on Sullivan Trail was busy.

Workers were hustling to restock shelves with dairy items, ground beef, water, soda and cheeses.

The Forks Diner was also a madhouse.

Some patrons had to wait over a half-hour for their order.

A worker there said the diner was the only one open in the area and about 30 National Guard members showed up for food too.

Debbie DeRogatis, owner of Something Different, a women's boutique shop in Forks Township, said she was happy to be open again.

While she still didn't have any power at home, her business was operational.

"I was closed Monday and Tuesday since the news was warning everyone to stay home," she said. "I figured if the Lehigh Valley Mall was closed, then I shouldn't be open either. I'm happy to be back in business. Hopefully customers will come."


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