Forks Township Crime Incidents Spike, Police Chief Says

November figures in Forks Township near double of October, but police chief says he's not alarmed.

Forks Township Police Chief Greg Dorney reported 1,141 criminal incidents in November, a huge jump from 676 criminal incidents for October.

But Dorney really couldn't put a finger on the reason for the rise in crime, saying that it just works out that way some months.

Forks police recorded the following criminal incident counts:

  • 689 for September
  • 600 in August, 635 for July
  • 663 for June
  • 647 in May
  • 631 in April

An armed robbery and two forced entry burglaries topped November's police report.


  • One robbery with firearm.
  • Two forced-entry burglaries during the day.
  • One unlawful entry during the day.
  • One suicide.
  • Twelve thefts, including one retail theft over $200, another over $200 from a vehicle and two over $200 from buildings.
  • 15 cases of criminal mischief.
  • Seven for driving under the influence of alcohol and one for drugs.
  • Two mental health incidents.
  • 18 domestic disturbances and 10 fights or disputes.
  • 51 reports of suspicious persons or vehicles.
  • Four incidents of harassment.
  • Two runaways.
  • Six protective orders.
  • Five for property damage.
  • Five cases of found/recovered property.
  • There was also one arson, one for littering, one threat, one forgery, one fraud, one marijuana possession, one lost/missing property, one abandoned vehicle, one public drunkenness and one harassment by communicaton.


  • 149 traffic citations.
  • 41 traffic and parking problems.
  • 26 motor vehicle accidents.
  • 33 traffic violations.
  • 11 traffic-related incidents.
  • Two non-criminal investigations.
  • Three escorts.
  • Four for careless driving.
  • One traffic enforcement report.
  • One traffic accident involving a death.


  • One unattended death.
  • One lost animal.
  • 25 real or false alarms for fires.
  • 129 911 calls.
  • 139 for unfounded alarms.
  • 26 police information notifications.
  • 105 responses for officer assistance.
  • 73 public service reports.
  • 123 medical assistance calls.
  • 13 for disabled vehicles.
  • 9 for vehicle/building lockouts.
  • Two wires/poles down.
  • 13 building checks.
  • Five for overtime and administrative duties.
  • Five for fingerprinting.
  • One warrant from an outside agency.


  • 21 animal complaints and 19 dog law offenses or bites.
  • One game law violation.
  • Three non-traffic citations.

The police department assisted other police departments and agencies eight times and fire departments once during the month.

The foregoing information was supplied by Forks Township Police Department. Where arrests are indicated, it does not indicate a conviction.

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