Trying to Prepare for Sandy's Arrival

It's usually a mad dash to get bread, milk, eggs, water and batteries when a storm arrives.

It's wonderful living in my patch of Forks Township.

As I look out my back window when heavy rains fall, I watch the water flood immediately, wondering if it will find my way into the basement.

Usually it builds up and then flows down the street, transforming into a massive river that collides with the overflowing Bushkill Creek and floods out the corner of Zucksville Road and Bushkill Drive.

It's the No. 1 flood zone for Forks and the road closure is a pain in the neck since it cuts off our main passage to Palmer and Lower Nazareth townships, where our retail life exists.

So here I am on Saturday morning, looking at another overcast day and hearing that Hurricane Sandy is now just a tropical storm. (Yeah, so was Irene last year and look how much damage that caused.)

I'm sipping coffee. The coffee supply is good.

But we're out of bread and eggs. (Like I'm gonna make French Toast anyway.)

It always amazes me how people make the mad dash to stores to pick up bread, eggs, milk and water. And flashlights and batteries.

We have little of those supplies in my household.

So I went to Giant in Forks Township Friday afternoon to get a jug of water. And several shelves were already barren. One lady in front of me had her cart filled with three large crates of water. I did get a jug though.

Luckily, later on, at the Wegman's in Lower Nazareth Township, I picked up some 2 percent milk. Let's check that off the list as well. I even got some cookies to go with the milk.

My family dropped into Wal-Mart because my wife thought we needed to buy a flashlight. Now I know we have a few in our house somewhere.

A worker told us that most were gone and when we ventured down the aisle that was certainly true. Only expensive models were left, ones that were too pricey. I have a phone App that's a flashlight though.

Today, we will join the masses and try to pick up some groceries.

After all, it will soon be Football Sunday so I'm sure we need chips. I'm sure we'll buy up some boxes of stuff for survival, in case the power goes out for months.

The power has only gone out twice in my two years here. My townhome is a bunker, made of solid stone. Well, it looks that way on the outside and my basement has never flooded. It better not, would ruin my music and book collections.

So now, like everyone else, we wait.

Will this "Frankenstorm" really be a monster. For will Sandy come in like a lamb? Maybe I should get some bread and eggs. You never know.


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