It's Looking Too Much Like Christmas

The holiday season is just starting way too early these days.

Christmas in July?

It's becoming quite possible.

Every year it seems, retailers set up for the Christmas holiday shopping season a little earlier.

One day, you're soaking up the last few rays of sun at the beach or Jersey Shore on Labor Day weekend and the next day it's Christmas.

It's like we can't even enjoy the change in seasons anymore or other holidays that get overshadowed by the retail machine.

With this economy, it should be no surprise to anyone. Retailers want to reap in the green during the fourth quarter of the year, knowing that January and February -- the worst economic times of any year -- could knock them out of business.

So they're dependent on the holiday shopping season, hoping Santa Claus can conjure up enough holiday spirit so everybody could be chuckling "Ho, Ho, Ho."

But it's just too early.

I guess I am -- and always will be -- a traditionalist.

I like Black Friday because that's when the official holiday shopping season begins. That's when you put away the turkey leftovers after a feast and football on Thanksgiving and you break out the credit cards.

And the holiday decorations. And the Christmas music.

I'm ready for the holiday cheer then. Bring it on?

But don't shove Christmas down my throat before Halloween? That's just way too early.

You can't even enjoy Fall anymore because Christmas overwhelms us even then with Christmas trees popping up in stores like Kohl's in Lower Nazareth Township. Even the Palmer Park Mall, when it reopened after Hurricane Sandy, was already decked out for the holidays.

Bah Humbug!

And it's even worse hearing the Christmas music too. It's one thing to see the trees and the decorations, but don't start the music yet. Not when we're still picking out Halloween costumes.

So don't be surprised if you start seeing Christmas trees right next to bathing suits come July.

That's why we all need Festivus (from that good old "Seinfeld" episode.) It's the holiday for the rest of us.


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