2012 Easton Homicide Rate Was Highest in a Decade

Easton say more murders last year than any year since 2007. Mayor says improving neighborhoods will make city safer.

Back in November, after Easton saw its fourth killing of the year, we noted that the city's homicide rate was the worst since 2007.

That was the year Easton had five murders.

What we didn't note was that Easton quickly tied that record a few weeks later, with the death of Paul Murray, the fifth and final homicide of 2012.

In an interview with the Morning Call last week, Mayor Sal Panto put the blame on easy access to guns and a culture of violence, but also said the city needs to change its demographics to lower violence.

"Better homes attract better people," Panto said. "We want the neighborhoods to come back. We want owner-occupied neighborhoods."

We want to know what you think. Tell us in the comments what you think Easton needs to do to lower its crime rate. 

Easton homicides in 2012:

  • Matthew Kelly, 20, of Bethlehem, died following a shooting in April in a West Ward church parking lot. A Northampton County grand jury is investigating the case.
  • William Thompson, 43, was stabbed to death in July on Ferry Street. Police have , with criminal homicide in Thompson's death.
  • George Jeter, 28, was shot and killed on 14th Street a few weeks after Thompson's death. Naheem Adams has been charged in his killing.
  • Ervin Holton, was shot to death November 23 on West Wilkes-Barre Street on the South Side.
  • Paul Murray, 44, was shot and killed December 2 near McKeen and Nesquehoning streets. 


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