Alleged Drunk Driver Hits Two People in Giant's Parking Lot

Two shoppers were hit by an SUV near the entrance of the Giant Food Store in Palmer Township Tuesday night.

A man and a woman were hit and injured by an SUV Tuesday night in the parking lot, according to emergency reports.

Police said the woman had serious but not life-threatening injuries, The Morning Call reports. The man had minor injuries.

The male, 26-year-old driver of a gray Nissan SUV did not have a valid driver’s license and was taken to the county DUI center, according to The Express-Times.

A witness said the driver pulled out of a parking spot and drove toward the entrance of the Giant where he struck the woman’s leg, forcing her to hit her head on the front of the car and then on the ground.

Then the SUV hit the man who had grabbed the woman as she fell.

The witness said the driver did stop and stayed at the scene waiting for police.


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