Armed Robber Strikes Again in Forks

Chubby's convenience store robbed Thursday morning in Forks Township.

Chubby's convenience store on Sullivan Trail in Forks Township was robbed Thursday morning by an armed person, the township's police chief said.

Forks Police Chief Greg Dorney said an individual wearing a mask/dark clothing entered the store as the clerk was opening.

He said the suspect was armed.

The chief said the suspect left with an undetermined amount of cash.

As of 1 p.m., police were searching for the suspect.

A Patch.com Facebook fan said that there was police activity around Jenkins Drive and Frost Hollow Road with police dogs looking for the suspects.

The resident reported that Forks Elementary School was under lockdown and that Shawnee Elementary School had no outside recess.

But a Forks police officer said on Facebook that the Jenkins Drive matter was unrelated and that the K-9 unit wasn't out on a manhunt.

No further details were available at this time, Dorney said. He stated that detectives were working diligently on the matter.

The armed robbery was the third in Forks recently.

A Domino's pizza delivery man was robbed by gunpoint in the past few weeks and Jimmy's Hot Dog Stand was also robbed last month.

Bob Schaming November 08, 2012 at 06:25 PM
It was actually Mel's Hot Dog Stand that was first robbed...not Jimmy's.


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