Forks Recognized for Catching Serial Rapist

Forks Township Police Chief Greg Dorney receives letter from Elizabeth, N.J., police department for his officers' help in solving crime.

It was a crime that the Elizabeth, N.J., Police Department couldn't solve.

A serial rapist was running rampant. But police had a tip that might be connected in some way to the suspect.

That's when the answered the call. The work of two officers was cited before Thursday's Board of Supervisors meeting as Police Chief read a letter of appreciation.

"I am writing this letter to express our thanks for the wonderful assistance our department received from two of your police officers," Elizabeth Deputy Chief John Brennan wrote in a letter to Dorney on July 17.

Brennan said that the city was experiencing a string of violent sexual assaults from a serial rapist back in March and April.

"The suspect's vehicle was registered to a citizen who resided in your jurisdiction," Brennan said.

Brennan said that during the investigation in trying to find the possible suspect, Forks Cpl. John Renner and Det. Philomena Sandt "supplied overwhelming assistance during our investigation."

"Det. Sandt personally made contact with this citizen, which directly led to identifying and capturing this career violent criminal," Brennan said.

"These two police officers were eager to help and acted in an extremely professional manner as they provided us with assistance," Brennan said. "I am sure that you agree that these two officers are assets to your department and I ask that you please relay our thanks and gratitude regarding this matter."

Brennan closes the letter by telling Dorney that the Elizabeth Police Department would be of assistance to Forks whenever needed.

Supervisors Chairman commended the officers for their work.

"Please express our gratitude and let them know that we appreciate them," Chuss said.


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