Gas Station Employee Allegedly Sold Marijuana at Cash Register

While working behind the register at the Valero in Stockertown, Stephanie Ann Lix, 19, allegedly sold about 0.5 grams of marijuana to undercover officers.

A Stockertown convenience store employee rang up the sale in early August -- two Phillies Blunt cigars and a baggie of marijuana.

The marijuana was something she threw in for $10, and what she didn’t know was that her two customers were undercover state police troopers, court records say.

The undercover troopers visited the Valero Fuel Station, 307 Main St., after learning the employee, Stephanie Ann Lix, 19, was selling marijuana at the cash register during her normal working hours.

A criminal complaint says the troopers went to the store around 12:35 p.m. Aug. 7. They saw Lix working at the register, wearing a Valero work shirt.

They asked for two Phillies Blunts that she had to retrieve from behind the register area. As she started to tally the order, “we engaged in general conversation,” the complaint says.

”The conversation continued with illegal drug talk that included [Lix] advising that she has a small baggie of marijuana for sale.”

She completed the order, which included about 0.5 grams of marijuana for which she charged $10.

The troopers left with the cigars and marijuana and went to the nearby Belfast state police barracks.

An arrest warrant for Lix was approved Aug. 27. She was taken into custody Tuesday and arraigned by on-duty District Judge Jackie Taschner of Palmer Township on charges of violating the controlled substance, drug, device and cosmetic act.

Lix, of the 100 block of Main Street, Stockertown, was released on $1,500 unsecured bail.

Opinions Annonymous December 21, 2012 at 07:10 PM
So the incident happened in the beginning of August, arrest warrant was approved at the end of August, and it's just showing up on Patch now, 4 days before Christmas? Why? It happened 4 months ago and now it has to be brought back up to embarrass the girl, right around the holidays? Not trying to defend what she did, but it's not like she's a violent criminal... she sold a dimebag of pot. Posting this seems a little unnecessary to me. Just a thought.


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