Lightning Hits Homes in Palmer, Forks

Forks Township Fire Chief offers advice on what to do when home is struck by lightning.

Those hot summer days sometimes turn into some heated situations for area fire departments. Many times, those sizzling temperatures bring about some traumatic thunderstorms.

And with those storms comes lightning -- lightning that can also strike houses.

Forks Township Fire Chief Chuck Chapman has experience with this. He said that there was one lightning strike this month that started a small fire.

Meanwhile, a home was struck in earlier last week, according to the Easton Express-Times. No injuries were reported, but the Windrift Court home suffered roof damage as well as damage to the phones and electrical system.

Chapman advises residents to do the following if their home is struck by lightning:

  • Check all around the interior and exterior to make sure that it did not start a fire. If you smell or see smoke, call 9-1-1. Evacuate the residence, taking family and pets out.
  • All appliances and electrical devices that were plugged in when the lightning struck the house should be checked for damage before being used.
  • Indications of possible damage include scorched outlets, scorch marks on the device, melted cords and broken light bulbs.
  • Call your insurance company.
  • Have an electrician inspect the home wiring.
  • Remember to help neighbors who may require special assistance (infants, senior citizens, and people with disabilities).


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