Parents Upset Over How EASD Handled Bomb Threat

The Easton Area Middle School was evacuated Monday due to a bomb threat.

They commented on Patch.com throughout the late afternoon and evening Monday. And they fired off messages on the Patch.com Facebook sites for Forks and Palmer townships and Easton.

Parents in the Easton Area School District were less than thrilled how the school district handled a bomb threat at Easton Area Middle School Monday afternoon.

The main issue was the fact that the district didn't send out a phone alert to parents until after students were already sent home, not before. School buses were delayed by at least 20 minutes from leaving due to the bomb scare.

"EASD failed miserably in their role today!" commented Jill Roberts Forrest.

"Ridiculous! Why has no one informed the parents of more details? The kids are out of sorts and we have not been assured of the situation ourselves. In the world that we now live in, this lack of communication from the school is unacceptable," remarked Yves.

Some parents said they didn’t know for about 30 minutes where their children were as rumors swirled online about an incident at the school. Other parents said they didn’t get any notification from the district at all, according to the Easton Express-Times.

Forks Township Police Chief Greg Dorney said Tuesday morning that his department assisted the Easton Area School District Police with exterior security and traffic.

Flash Gordon January 16, 2013 at 01:28 PM
They call real early when they postpone a football game during Sandy, like 2 days ahead. But for this not immediately? Fire them all. Fire all the administrators. Vote out the school board. Get rid of the union. Take the district back to common sense management.
Desiree Kratzer January 16, 2013 at 09:41 PM
I really thought we deserved more than a computerized message (received after the fact), considering all the terrible stuff going on in schools right now. It's not too late, Easton school district!


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