Rt. 248 Road Rage Led to Hammer Assault, Police say

A Stroudsburg man is facing aggravated assault and related charges after allegedly attacking two men with a hammer.

Two men were hospitalized Friday after an alleged hammer attack in the Wal-Mart Tire & Lube Express parking lot. The alleged attack, according to Colonial Regional Police, was a case of road rage.

Ahmed Gospodev, 24, of Stroudsburg, was arraigned before on-duty District Judge David Tidd of Lower Saucon Township. He was charged with one count each of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and possessing instruments of crime, and two counts each of simple assault and harassment.

Gospodev posted 10 percent of $30,000 and was released from Northampton County Prison.

While driving along Route 248, according to police, Gospodev allegedly cut off a vehicle. The two vehicles entered the Northampton Crossings shopping center in Lower Nazareth Township and parked in the Tire & Lube Express lot.

Gospodev then got out of his vehicle, went to his trunk, and retrieved a hammer. Three men -- Gospodev and two others in the second vehicle -- began to argue, according to police.

The fight escalated into pushing, then Gospodev allegedly began swinging the hammer. He struck one of the men in the head, according to police, causing trauma and bleeding. The second man sustained a laceration to his face.

Both men were transported to a local hospital, which police did not identify, for treatment.

brian wright October 17, 2012 at 02:50 AM
Your argument is inadequate. Your clearly choosing sides over personal reasons, in fact I ask myself if you were even in the scene. I was there, I am even a testifying witness to the event. Even if it were true that the two boys instigated the fight, that gave The suspect no right to strike them with a deadly weapon. In fact the two victims did not attack until the suspect gave one of them a blow to the head with a hammer. At that point was when the other victim came to his friends aid. In fact the suspect attempted to strike the other victim with the hammer as well, luckily the boy was able to block it, and get the hammer out of the suspects hands, before they started attacking the suspect. The victims acts were in self defense. There were many witnesses in the scene, and all of them have given the authorities their testimonies, to this event. In fact, there is even video surveillance, confirming this event. I as a witness with no relation to either side of this event feel that the suspect needs to be penalized for his actions. This is a man who clearly could of killed somebody in broad day light, in a public location. Infact he should be charged for attempted murder. He could of very easily killed these boys with that hammer. Society does not need men like this around.
Ben Miller October 17, 2012 at 07:17 AM
I read that same sentiment in the Express Times. The video cameras were mentioned and so was the "witness" and her relation to the man arrested. Everything in that lot is covered by cameras and likely, the police have already seen the videos. With your testimony of what you saw, it appears to be an open and shut case. There is absolutely no reason to strike another man in the head (or anywhere else) with a freaking hammer!
petar kavaliski October 17, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Ben Miller IF you were not there and not seen what happened do not waste your time with ur meaningless and guess comments and the man was a every right to defend whatever it sees fit to bush back the 2 guys away after the 2 Spanish Boys following him to the park lot and attacking him and his girlfriend with no reason, and Ahmed was not the aggressor and not the one who cut them off. They cut him off and they were racing with his honda civic silver one . They followed him and started the fight and ahmed try to talk nice with the 2 punks to not gona have problems and everything to go away but the punks attacking him after ahmed turn and go to do his Thinks hi coming in ths place to doing to fixing his tires and have breakfast with his girlfriend , so Mr. Miller dont Guess what happened i if you are not there and saw
petar kavaliski October 17, 2012 at 04:32 PM
brian wright if you say u where there and that your a witness, well i was there 2. You missed a lot of things that really happened you where not right there you might have been about 20 feet away or maybe more. Before the "suspect" came into the parking lot i was walking right by the garden center and i saw the 2 boys cut him off and he beeped his horn because they where driving way too fast in a public place with a lot of people walking around. Then he went and parked his car and after about 2 minutes the 2 boys came and parked next to the "suspect". The 2 boys came to fight with the "suspect". The 2 boys came out of their car and at this time the "suspect" was in his truck trying to get his tires out to put them in service. The 2 boys came close to him and started to yell at him. That is what i saw he tried to tell the boys to go back to their car and leave him alone. After he turned around to go back to what he was doing the 1 boy came close to him right by his face and pushed him and the "suspect" tried to protect himself because it was 2 on 1. Who started everything were the 2 boys he had every right to try and protect himself anyway he could have. If you were in this situation and you were driving and someone cut you off after this they followed you just because you beeped at them and he came to u after this and your just by yourself with your wife or girlfriend and there 2 boys came and tried to fight you and u dont know what they have or could do. what would you do.
Joshua Pireda October 17, 2012 at 08:10 PM
I agree with what the man did. In my opinion, it is a man's job to provide and protect for their woman. What he was doing was protecting. In a 2v1 situation, you can either #1, grab a weapon and ensure protection for your woman. Or #2, fight the 2v1 without a weapon, thus NOT ensuring protection for your woman. If you get knocked out, your woman is defenseless. I dont care if it was a hammer, a wrench, a knife, i would have done the exact same thing.


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