CVS Construction Brings Detour at Kingston Road

A detour in Palmer Township will allow developer of CVS strip mall to make road improvements such as adding a lane and traffic signal.


The heard plans Monday night by Strausser Enterprises, developer of the , for a detour at Kingston Road as it continues construction in the area.

As part of the Northwood Center project, Strausser is proposing road improvements, including some significant work -- like a traffic light and another lane -- on Route 248 and Kingston Road.

First, Strausser requested a detour of a few days. Now, the developer is seeking a detour of up to 45 days, Supervisors Chairman Dave Colver said.

"They are gonna tear the whole road apart and put in new curbing, lighting and would like to block the road off without having to use flagmen," Colver said.

While township officials support a detour, they are concerned about the length of time and about rerouting traffic where Kingston connects with Nightingale Avenue.

"If they close that part, people will have to go down Nightingale. It will be one giant circle," Colver said. "Let's face it, 90 percent of the people will go back around."

Colver is also concerned about cars heading from Route 248 having to make a left onto Kingston and not being able to, then going up to Van Buren and turning.

"This thing is ugly. I see it as a problem," Colver said.

He said Strausser estimated that there's "very light" traffic making that turn to head to Forks Township, maybe about 1,000 to 1,500 vehicles a day.

Supervisor Bob Lammi was fearful about the chances of accidents due to the changes.

Supervisors suggested that zoning officer Tom Adams tell Strausser that it might be best to close off Kingston where it meets Van Buren Road.

They also requested that signage be put up alerting motorists about 10 days ahead of when the detour starts.

Lammi also stressed shortening the number of days for the detour.


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