Ex-Supervisor: Why is Forks Debt So High?

Former Forks Township Supervisor Bonnie Nicholas questions township's debt levels.

In the beginning of every Forks Township Board of Supervisors meeting, township officials note the township's financial figures.

Supervisor Bob Egolf usually details those figures during his treasurer's report.

For the most part, the township's total oustanding debt has been reported in the $9 million range, with Egolf stating at the Dec. 20 supervisors meeting that the figure was $9,155,054.

For former supervisor Bonnie Nicholas, that figure is alarming.

Nicholas wonders why officials aren't taking the township's debt a little more seriously.

"How are we as a township $9 million in debt and not really worried?" Nicholas asked at the last supervisors meeting.

"The [Lehigh Northampton] Airport Authority is $6 million in debt and they're very worried," she said, referring to the authority's decision to investigate selling its properties to reduce its massive debt.

The Braden Airpark on Sullivan Trail is on that list.

Supervisors Chairman Erik Chuss and Finance Director Jim Farley both told Nicholas that the airport authority's debt is much higher and that it had to come up with $16 million in two years.

Forks Township officials passed a 2013 municipal budget that did not include a tax increase.

Nicholas said that was a bad move.

"If we did a quarter-mill every two years, we wouldn't be in this situation now," she said. "Why not increase taxes now and get it over and done with? We will get further in debt."

Kelli Wilson January 04, 2013 at 12:46 PM
This debt was NOT created by the current Supervisors but was in fact created by the overspending of FORMER Supervisors. While I agree the debt is a problem we need to remember where and how the debt was created.
Mr.Bill January 04, 2013 at 09:49 PM
$5.5 million of the debt is within site of my back deck (Public Works Garage). It was suppose to be done in October and work is still going. I'd be really surprised if there are no more additional costs to build and then equip it. The past board spent more money than they had. Time to start living within our means. A tax increase will allow future boards to spend even more. Easton is the only municipality in Northampton whose EIT is over 1%. If others can manage, so can we.
Armed Citizen January 05, 2013 at 01:35 AM
Whoever created it is irrelevant. They are screwed. Forks residents - bend over and prepare to take is up the @$$! Maybe they can build yet another sports complex on top of the old airport!


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