Forks Fights for Farmland

The Forks Township Board of Supervisors is protesting Gov. Corbett's proposal to eliminate state funding for farmland preservation.

is firing off to a letter of protest to Gov. Tom Corbett, stating that officials are against the governor eliminating state funding for farmland preservation.

Supervisor Bob Egolf recently shared correspondence he received from East Allen Township, which sent a letter to Corbett about the funding cut. Egolf wanted Forks to do the same.

In that letter, East Allen Township supervisors say they unanimously support keeping the line item in the state budget for farmland preservation funding.

Egolf called for a motion, which was approved by supervisors at their recent meeting. He called on to draft the letter.

"We're just sending a letter. There are no guarantees," Supervisors Chairman Erik Chuss said. "It's not unusual to have letters sent that impact the township."

Former Supervisor Lilly Gioia issued a public comment at the meeting that Corbett will bend over backward to give tax breaks to gas companies like Shell.

"Why use resources that way when they could be used for farmland preservation," she said.


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