Forks Fights Over Solicitor's Salary

Forks Township Solicitor Karl Kline will earn same pay per hour as he did in 2012.

Forks Township Solicitor Karl Kline sought $163 an hour, a $2 increase for 2013, to continue in his position.

While Supervisors Chairman Erik Chuss and Supervisor John O'Neil both thought at Monday night's reorganization meeting that that price was right, other supervisors objected.

In fact, they offered a cut.

Supervisor David Billings proposed $147 an hour.

"I think $147 an hour is reasonable," said Supervisor Dan Martyak, who has stressed that Forks Township pinch its pennies. "I think a $2 increase is wrong."

Chuss said that Kline was deserving of the raise, "knowing everything Karl has done."

Supervisor Bob Egolf thought that $147 an hour was too low.

"How about something in the middle, like $155," Egolf said.

Billings revised his motion to $155 an hour.

"Again, I'm still in support of the 2013 figure," Chuss said. "I think the request is fair, having worked with him for all these years."

O'Neil then raised an objection.

"It's kind of unusual. To have pay frozen is one thing, but for someone to go backwards," he said. "I'd rather have a flat rate."

Egolf agreed on settling on Kline's $160 an hour 2012 figure.

The motion was revised, but Martyak wouldn't second it.

The motion was then approved, with Martyak voting against it.

Forks Township supervisors approved a budget without a tax increase for 2013, but many believed that one was needed to offset rising municipal costs and plan for the future.

Brett Bonfanti January 09, 2013 at 06:30 PM
Why the heck would someone be in favor of a higher price? The BOS owes it to the township to get the best price possible, and that's hard to do when you have someone (Chuss) sitting there arguing for a higher price!


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