Forks Makes $600 Donation to Conservancy

Money is going to charity toward the Bushkill Stream Conservancy.

Forks Township officials are very charitable.

At a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, officials voted to donate $600 (from the general fund) to the Bushkill Stream Conservancy.

The township has made a similar donation the past couple of years.

Supervisor Robert Egolf is vice president of the organization.

Supervisor John O'Neil asked Finance Director Jim Farley "can we afford 600 dollars?"

Farley responded "yes."

Supervisor David Billings expressed concern that this year Forks Township has donated over $10,000 to charity for the Miracle League and its new field for children with disabilities in neighboring Palmer Township.

But he noted that the Bushkill Stream Conservancy benefits Forks Township directly.

Billings suggested a policy be put in place regarding charitable donations.

Suoervisors Chairman Erik Chuss disagreed with Billings, stating that donations should be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Chuss also asked that the Bushkill Stream Conservancy make a presentation to the township regarding what it's been doing.

Township Manager John Cornell suggested that, in the township's five-year financial plan, that an amount be specified for grants/donations and that groups can submit applications by a certain deadline in order to receive these funds.

Billings and Chuss were both satisfied with this suggestion because it would both put some kind of policy in place and allow for case-by-case analysis of charitable donations.

The donation was approved 5-0.


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