Forks Public Works Building a Shoebox

Forks Township is building a new public works building to replace the antiquated garage on Frost Hollow Road.

Editor's Note -- This is the third in a series on the Forks Township public works project.

It looks like a shoebox.

Public Works Director Mark Roberts drives up to the Forks Township public works garage and the first reaction would be obvious for most upon first visit.

It looks like a shoebox.

In an exclusive tour for Palmer/Forks Patch.com, Roberts recently showed off his garage, a place that would seem difficult for anyone to work.

The Frost Hollow Road facility, built back in the 1960s, is a sight to see: The parking lot is unpaved and filled with dirt and gravel.

The sewer department building is in the back.

And there's not enough space in the main truck bay to store township trucks and keep them clean, heated and dry.

"We're talking about $175,000 trucks," Roberts said. "We have mud and dirt all year round."

That's an issue for the township, which Roberts said has spent over $1 million to repair and replace equipment, a lot of which is already rusted.

It's no wonder the township is building a new public works facility, but that move has been mired by a controversial vote and spending issues that continue to haunt township officials.

Roberts shows off the inside of the building where there's barely enough room to move around a township truck for the tour.

The building is cluttered and the quarters are cramped. Roberts said the bathroom doesn't even meet township codes.

And in terms of his office, Roberts sighs:

"It's like a walk-in closet," he said.

Barry S October 11, 2012 at 02:27 PM
Yes I would agree they could usa a new build. But a 5.8 million dollar building ???????????? That I have to pay for ?????? I don't think so.
Karen S October 12, 2012 at 02:08 AM
The new building that got approved, on money that the township does NOT have, is a monstrosity. Why couldn't there be a happy medium????


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