Forks Recognizes its History

Forks Township Supervisor Bob Egolf calls for a plaque to recognize historic photo display in community center.

In the , the township's history is on display.

Captured in pictures are the works of the , which recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

Well, Forks Township Supervisor Bob Egolf has wanted to give the society another reason to celebrate.

He got the to approve a motion to purchase a plaque that could be posted by the pictures and would pay tribute to the hard work the historical society did in putting together the photo display.

"That's a nice idea Bob," said Erik Chuss, supervisors chairman.

"I was looking at the photo display in the community center and I couldn't find a plaque near the photos," Egolf said. "I thought it should say something simple that would be sufficient to give recognition."

Egolf and his colleagues agreed on the following statement:

"These historic photos were collected, arranged and displayed by the Forks Township Historical Society."

The plaque also notes when the township was founded.


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