Forks Rolling Out Skate Park Talks

Talks regarding a skate park for Forks Township will start to heat up.

Plans for a skate park in Forks Township are getting ready to be rolled out.

During her recreation report at Thursday's Board of Supervisors meeting, Recreation Director Rachel Sulzbach was asked about the status of the skate park by Supervisors Chairman Erik Chuss.

Sulzbach stated that a meeting with other township officials had taken place already to go over budgeting.

But a bigger meeting where talks begin to actually discuss details of the park and how it should take shape is expected to occur sometime next month, possibly Feb. 20, Sulzbach said.

"We're going to try to get more plans in place and hopefully start in the spring," she said.

Supervisor Robert Egolf asked whether Sulzbach will get input from some Forks teens who had come before the board last summer asking for a skate park.

Sulzbach responded that they would be included in the next meeting.

The skate park is included in the township's five-year parks and recreation plan. It is estimated that the skate park, which would be located near Community Park, could cost $76,000.

While officials announced recently that the skate park was included in those plans, few details have come out about it since a May Board of Supervisors meeting at which skaters appeared calling for a park of their own.

According to the five-year recreation plan, the skate park is budgeted for 2013 and 2014.

Start-up costs of $49,000 are proposed for 2013 with an additional $27,000, if necessary, in 2014, the document states.

COMMUNITY FIRST January 18, 2013 at 02:31 PM
This is great news for the ardent skateboarders of Forks Township and even better news for the Easton area skateboarders, who were disappointed when Forks and neighboring communities said “NO” to providing financial contributions toward the construction of a regional skate park in Hackett Park on land donated by Easton. I hope Forks Supervisors will reach out to Easton City officials and The Easton Boys and Girls Club for input for they did a fantastic job in getting the regional skate park concept and early design plans before the public. From Community First’s discussions with The Twin River Council of Governments demonstrated that there are numerous skate clubs in Easton, Wilson Borough, West Easton and Phillipsburg who look forward to s-boarding in Forks. Community First
Brett Bonfanti January 18, 2013 at 05:03 PM
The skateboarders at that meeting gave no valuable input on what they wanted in a skatepark whatsoever. They simply said, "we'll take anything." Totally useless. This project has gone way too slowly and, for that price, it will be benefitting to small a sect of the township. Build something that more people will actually want to use.
COMMUNITY FIRST January 18, 2013 at 10:59 PM
I guess Mr. Bonfanti hasn't learned the lesson "Read before you write." while away at school. Community First is asking Forks Supervisors to reach out to the Mayor and leader of The Boys and Girls Club for guidance as they already have the design concept for the Hackett Park project. Not skateboarders. Professionals designed the S-Park and Forks can benefit. Why pay to re-invent the wheel. Bert, CF doesn't know what meeting you refer to, but the meeting Community First attended was in Wilson Borough and you were not there. It was past your bed time when the plans were discussed. At the Forks meeting you attended, you spoke in favor of locating the s-park in Forks rather than Hackett Park. When asked by CF if you would take a Lanta bus to Hackett Park, you replied that you never ride city buses for personal safety reasons. Well if this s-park is ever built, I guess you will get your wish to avoid the bus. CF didn't think you skated. Do you?


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