Microchips in Pets May Save Palmer Township Money

Palmer Township to invest in machine that can read microchips implanted in pets, hoping to help return lost pets rather than taking them to an animal shelter.


Thursday approved the purchase of a $400 pet chip reader.

A pet chip reader scans a microchip implant  – the size of a piece of rice – that is injected under the skin of a dog or cat and holds information regarding the pet's owner and home.

It to hand over a lost pet to the Center for Animal Health and Welfare, $300 for pitbulls. And with the animal shelter in Williams Township filled to capacity, the supervisors approved the purchase of the pet chip reader.

Police Chief Larry Palmer said pet chip readers are useful in the return of lost pets. He said Easton purchased one while he was police chief because the city was spending more than $40,000 on animal control costs.

"This is maybe something we should try to promote in the township," Supervisor Bob Lammi said. "I strongly recommend that dog users put them in. People who have animals should want to protect them."

It costs about $60 to place the chip in a pet.

Animal shelters benefit from pet chip readers too because when a pet can be matched to an owner, the shelters avoid the expense of housing, feeding, providing medical care and outplacing or euthanizing the pet.

"It's simple. Let's do it," said Board Chairman David Colver. "This solves a lot of problems and shows some goodwill on the part of the township."


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