Palmer Digital Billboard Clears Hurdles

The controversial Route 22 billboard has complied with code violations, Palmer Township officials say.


The battle is over.

Palmer Township officials said Friday that the controversial digital billboard on Route 22 has cleared its last hurdle.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Dave Colver said Friday that a lighting test was conducted with the township's electrical engineer between 9 and 10 p.m. Wednesday with the billboard on and off.

He said the testing took place a couple of times and that the billboard passes the mandated illumination requirements.

Colver also stated that Met-Ed will provide permanent power for the billboard on Monday.

He said the developer has been issued a temporary certificate of occupany, but once permanent power is in place, then the billboard will receive a permanent certificate of occupancy.

Palmer Township Solicitor Charles Bruno was before a Northampton County Court judge Tuesday asking to hold off on an injunction hearing that the township had requested because Developer Abraham Atiyeh had made "considerable progress" in the past week resolving numerous code violations.

Hay Terrace residents—who say the billboard is ruining their quality of life—have complained to the supervisors, showing up in force at several meetings over the past month to protest the billboard's brightness and blight.

Charles Young April 19, 2013 at 06:30 PM
Of course it qualifies! The Supervisors revised the Town's sign ordinances back in 2011 to suit this billboard.
RoadWarrior610 April 20, 2013 at 12:40 PM
The system is broken or at least, inadequate. Communication methods are poor. Hardly anyone diligently reads public notices. Both my wife and I read the local papers every day and somehow we did not pick up that this billboard would be placed in a location that looms over the neighborhood. From what I recall, the final location of this board was never directly communicated; they were written to imply the sign would be located around the 33 / 22 interchange, which is out of view of the neighborhood. Besides it's location makes no sense. Motorists driving both east and west get about 5-7 seconds of viewing time. Once the surrounding vegetation is fully grown, it will be even less. And I still have grave misgivings about the chairman. He d**n well knew where this particular billboard would be. He has friends/associates in this neighborhood and has been here many times. Who exactly is benefiting from this eyesore???


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