Palmer Passes Oieni Zoning Change

Zoning changed for three parcels from light industrial to general commercial in Palmer Township.

Zoning has been changed from light industrial to general commercial for three parcels along Stones Crossing Road in Palmer Township.

The Palmer Township Board of Supervisors recently approved a motion after a request from Frank Oieni for the zoning map amendment for 601 Stones Crossing Road, 3750 Nicholas St. and 3730 Nicholas St.

The move gives the whole area commercial zoning.

Manjic Chaggar, who was representing the property owner of 3750 Nicholas St., asked if it will have any effect on the existing light manufacturing business on the one property.

Solicitor Charles Bruno said the law protects the current use of the property as a pre-existing use and it becomes grandfathered.

If that current property owner wants to sell, a new owner can use the property for a light manufacturing business or would also be able to use it for general commercial.

The zoning change had been reviewed by the township Planning Commission and it has recommended approval. It was reviewed by the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission and it provided no comments and it was advertised two successive weeks for a public hearing, Bruno said.

Supervisors Chairman Dave Colver said the board has seen this item a couple of times before. Colver reviewed the plan with the audience and outlined the surrounding properties.

"Across the street is Redner's," he said. "The bike path is to the south. It's got a good border with the road. I don't have any problems."

Planning Director Cyndie Carman said there were not setback issues.

"This is the right thing to do," Supervisor Bob Lammi said. "Businesses will fall in better than light industrial."


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