Palmer's Highest Paid: 8 Police Officers in Top 10

Eight members of the Palmer Township Police Department fill out the township's Top 10 highest wage earners.

The news didn't come as any surprise to Palmer Township Police Chief Larry Palmer.

Eight members of his police force were among the township's Top 10 highest paid employees and the chief wasn't even on the list because he started his job during 2012.

"No not at all," Chief Palmer said. "That is about par for the course in most municipalities. Is it usually police -- and fire if there is a paid fire department."

Leading the Top 10 was Sgt. Timothy Ruoff, who earned $109,640.

Just short of six figures was Det. Lereneo Faasuamalie, who made $98,373.

Breaking through the police ranks was Township Manager Christopher Christman, who came in third for 2012, earning $96,900.

Sgt. Michael Nelson finished fourth with $92,634 earned.

And Public Services Department Superintendent Richard Kistler rounded out the Top Five by earning $86,915 in 2012.

Palmer Supervisors Chairman David Colver said he wasn't bothered by the earnings.

"All of the township employees provide a very valuable service to our residents, businesses, property owners and the general public visiting or traveling through," he said.

Chief Palmer, Christman and township officials have made it a priority to reduce overtime expenses in the 2013 municipal budget. 

Everyone except Christman qualified for overtime.

Rounding out the Top 10 earners are:

  • Sgt. Glenn Sipel -- $86,490
  • Sgt. Thomas Cardell -- $86,460
  • Police Officer David Brotzman -- $86,165
  • Lt. Thomas Trinchere -- $85,508
  • Det. James Alercia -- $82,083
Opre Garga February 19, 2013 at 09:17 PM
Is this really necessary Patch? What exactly is the value of posting people's salaries? This is simply fodder for gossip on how much so-and-so is making. You don't see real newspapers publishing things like this. It'd be fine to write an article on how much government officials are making, but adding the names to it just makes Patch look like a gossip column. Thumbs down. Do you post the salaries of Patch employees?
Dino Ciliberti February 19, 2013 at 09:24 PM
Ah, yes you do. The Easton Express-Times has been doing a whole series on all the towns they cover. Public's right to know and also public information.
Niki Carr February 20, 2013 at 03:29 PM
What's really sad is there is one very important job that's missing from this list. Our fire commissioner. What's even sadder is the salary for that job is less than a starting full time police officer and doesn't even come close to those on the top 10 list. Last time I checked the fire commissioner's job is just as important and vital to our community as the police and other township employees yet it doesn't seem to get the respect it deserves.


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