Palmer Ponders POD Crackdown

Palmer Township officials want to clean up 'eyesores.'

Palmer Township Supervisor Ann-Marie Panella is sick of it.

Driving around Palmer Township, Panella sees sights that she considers eyesores -- that need to be removed.

Panella mentioned to her colleagues at a recent Board of Supervisors meetings about two eyesores she sees around some township properties: PODs and vehicles.

Panella said she's noticed more PODs -- storage crates that are parked on driveways usually when people move or have their homes renovated -- when she tours the township.

"They're supposed to be temporary," she said, adding she believed the PODs are only supposed to be allowed for a month but that many have stuck around longer.

Another eyesore she doesn't like are vehicles parked on lawns. The vehicles are usually advertised for sale.

"It's kinda tacky looking," Panella stated. "We've got to start remembering our self-pride here."

Supervisors Chairman David Colver agreed.

Colver said officials used to tour the township once or twice a year and come up with "a hit list" of perceived violations they passed on to the code department.

"There was a time when the board used to deal with this," he said. "I wouldn't be opposed to doing it in the spring. It's been a long time since we've done it."

Colver suggested a township tour on a weekend when "a lot is happening."

The board agreed with Supervisor K. Michael Mitchell, who recommended that supervisors also tour township roads.

Ann-Marie Panella October 16, 2012 at 09:56 AM
Palmer has no ordinance that gives a timeline to the "pods". We would have no way of tracking them. They do have their place, even our Police Department is using one temporarily. My only concern are the ones that seem to be in driveways "forever!"


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