Palmer Moves to Dissolve Sewer Authority

The Palmer Sewer Authority, created in the 1960s, has outlived its use, supervisors say, for the township.


Sewer authorites were created decades ago to help provide a plan for a town's future development.

– like other municipalities in Pennsylvania and the country – is moving to dissolve its sewer authority. dissolved its sewer authority a decade or so ago.

Solicitor Charles Bruno provided the at their meeting last week with an ordinance to dissolve the municipal sewer authority. The authority has about $4 million in the bank, according to Supervisors Chairman Dave Colver. 

Colver said that since 98 percent of the township has sewers, the township doesn't need a sewer authority. Most of them were created in the 1960s, like Palmer's, when towns started putting in sewer systems.

Colver stressed that no one will lose their jobs once the sewer authority is dissolved. He said the biggest loss is that the sewer authority board, which meets once a month, will be disbanded.

The township has a sewer department of six employees who can handle any repairs or necessary work, Colver said. When a developer comes in, the developer proposes the sewer system and installs it themselves.

clarified for the board that the sewer authority does not have any debt. Under law, a municipal sewer authority cannot be dissolved if it still has debt obligations.

Colver said the sewer authority is actually in great shape.

He said the authority's $4 million will be maintained in a separate account for future sewer issues such as upgrades, sinkholes, sewer line repairs or any pumping station work.

They will make a decision by June 30.

Concerned Resident April 04, 2012 at 12:32 PM
So, does this mean we will lose the Quarterly Bills as well??? hmmm?


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