Palmer Township Makes 2013 Appointments

Palmer Township reorganized its government for 2013 at a Board of Supervisors meeting last Monday.

Palmer Township has its house in order for 2013.

At its reorganization meeting last Monday, these people were appointed to various governmental positions for 2013.

The appointments were as follows: 

Board of Supervisors

  • Chairman – David E. Colver
  • Vice Chairman – Robert A. Lammi
  • Secretary/Treasurer (Bond set at $3.0 M) – Christopher S. Christman
  • Right To Know Officer – Christopher S. Christman

Supervisor Selections

  • Planning Liaison - Robert A. Lammi
  • Recreation Board Liaison - Robert E. Smith
  • Suburban EMS Liaison – K. Michael Mitchell
  • Palmer Municipal Fire Department Liaison - David E. Colver
  • Shade Tree Commission Liaison - Ann-Marie Panella
  • Environmental Steering Committee - Robert A. Lammi

Municipal Posts

  • Township Engineer - to appoint J. Scott Pidcock as Township Engineer
  • Sewage Enforcement Officer - to appoint Ronald Gawlik.  Sewage Enforcement Alternates:  Jeffrey Matyus, Ted Bigatel, Anthony Tallarida
  • Township Solicitor - to appoint Charles Bruno as Township Solicitor
  • Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor - will be appointed by Zoning Haring Board at a fee of $135.00 per hour.
  • Earned Income Tax Collectors - to appoint Keystone Collections Group for the year 2013.
  • Emergency Management Director – Delmar Grube
  • Township Physician - Coordinated Health Systems, 400 S. Greenwood Avenue, Palmer, PA
  • Township Depository – Lafayette Ambassador Bank


  • Vacancy Board - to appoint Virginia Rickert to the Vacancy Board.
  • Planning Commission – Reappointment of Richard Wilkins and Jo-Ann Stoneback to 4-year terms expiring on December 31, 2016.
  • Zoning Hearing Board – Reappointment of Cherie Kavanaugh to a five-year term expiring December 31, 2017.  Appointment of Emilio DeNisi to a 3-year term expiring on December 31, 2015.
  • Recreation Board – Reappointment of Bill Webb to a five year term expiring on December 31, 2017.
  • Shade Tree Commission – Reappointment of Gordon Santee to a five year term expiring on December 31, 2017.


  • Chief Administrative Officer – Police Pension Plan – Christopher S. Christman
  • Chief Administrative Officer – Non-Uniform Pension Plan – Christopher S. Christman
  • Chief Administrative Officer – Defined Contribution Pension Plan – Christopher S. Christman


  • PSATS Voting Delegate – Robert A. Lammi
  • Two Rivers COG Delegate and Alternate – Robert A. Lammi & Ann-Marie Panella
  • TCC Delegate and Alternates – Christopher S. Christman, Brenda DeLong and Nancy Mendres
  • NCATO Delegate – Christopher S. Christman



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