Palmer Will Light Up Route 33 Interchange

Palmer Township will foot the bill to light the Route 33 Interchange.

When the arrives by Christmas 2013, expect it to be well-lit.

The has signed off on footing the bill for about 16 lights around the stretch of highway. That bill will be less than $3,000 annually.

Originally, when Palmer officials discussed light plans with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, proposals called for 112 lights.

Palmer officials were dim on that proposal.

"That was just a vast amount of lights," Supervisors Chairman Dave Colver said. "And about five times the cost of what we're spending."

The board recently approved around the interchange, opening up development for retail, commercial and light industry.

Coming up with a lighting plan, which the township approved with a highway occupancy permit for the interchange Tuesday, was a lot easier once the initial lighting plan was scrapped.

Officials said there will be 16 lights, which will also include traffic signals, including six around the interchange ramps.

One signal will be at the Trolley Line, ones east and west of the interchange and then another at Van Buren Road and Main Street.

Colver said the township will pay lighting costs, which are broken down by $1,760 for energy and $1,100 for maintenance.

Colver said he doesn't mind the cost.

"When we get involved, we want a safe, lit interchange," he said. "Personally, less than $3,000 a year is a reasonable cost."


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