Putting in a Pool in Palmer? There's a Fee for It

Palmer Township announces its 2013 fee schedule.

Want to rent a room in the Charles Chrin Community Center?

Or play a game of basketball or volleyball for an hour there?

Need a funeral escort? How about a business license? Or a police report? Or are you putting up a sign or putting in an inground pool.

Well, there's a fee for that and a lot of other things in Palmer Township.

Palmer Township has put out its 2013 fee schedule. Here are some of the costs:

  • Renting room in Charles Chrin Community Center -- $45 an hour for a resident; $55 an hour for a non-resident.
  • Play game of basketball or volleyball for an hour -- $40 an hour.
  • Funeral escort -- $25
  • Business license -- $25
  • Police report -- $15
  • Building code application -- $750
  • New sign permit -- $50
  • Inground pool permit -- $200
  • Electrical permit -- $25
  • Blasting permit -- $50

For fees on other permits and such in Palmer Township, see here.


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