Forks Officials Call Work on Amphitheater 'Shoddy'

Forks Township officials hold back $30,000 in payments for the amphitheater until work is done to correct structural and cosmetic problems.


officials are holding back a $30,000 payment to a construction company, stating that its work on the township's is "shoddy."

"We have a lot of quality control issues that we're dealing with," Public Works Director Mark Roberts said Thursday. "But it just wasn't the quality work we were looking for. We are working to make things right."

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Roberts and Board of Supervisors Chairman Erik Chuss said there were about a half-dozen items that needed to be addressed. The main issues include:

  • concrete stairs that have different sized steps,
  • cracks in the concrete steps,
  • numerous scratches on steel support beams and
  • a tear in the canopy that was patched.

"We understand that there were going to be punch list items," Chuss said. "But we were surprised."

Roberts said some steps were different sizes, about an inch off from one another while others had cracks in them. He was told they would be replaced.

He said there are numerous scratches on steel support beams that are "unacceptable."

Another thing Roberts said he found "unacceptable" was a patch on the main canopy. "I mean, a patch?" he said.

Roberts added that the canopy needed to be tightened to eliminate ripples.

Township officials had a meeting with the architect and contractor, Fourmen Construction Co. of New York, and addressed and identified the issues. Fourmen agreed to the fixes, and workers were expected at the amphitheater Wednesday.

"I am really surprised," Roberts said. "This is not what I, nor the , was looking for. We are looking for a nice clean facility all the way around."

The amphitheater at is expected to be ready for late June, when the township kicks off events including a summer concert series.

Marty krimer April 13, 2012 at 02:08 PM
It is a beautiful design and was never intended to "amplify" sound. Most town squares have what are called band shells but are really more like gazebos and are intended for multiple community uses. This is built in that tradition. Lets face it, all acts now bring thier own amplification equipment and do not rely on the shape of the structure to improve their sound. The original design was more than double this cost, so the investment makes sense. If people listened and paid attention (and even attended) the early meetings, this would be understood. I for one am happy to hear that the Township staff, Supervisors and Architect/engineering team are holding the contractors "feet to the fire" to make sure we get the beautiful facility we paid for.
Marty krimer April 13, 2012 at 02:10 PM
Also, I measured it and there is more than 1000 sf of cover so it seems like plenty of room to me and I doubt there would be a big audience in a thunder storm
Rob Leiser April 13, 2012 at 03:24 PM
For $300,000.00 we could have a 2000 sq. ft. 4 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms instead of an Umbrella. Where are the Restrooms? Where is the Parking? Who is going to pay for the entertainment? These are all questions submitted to the Supervisors years ago. This whatever has numerous building code violations the rest of us would never get away with.
gene parziale April 13, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Actually a amphitheater is meant to amplify sound which is why they are designed in a curved shape. It is meant to increase the sound so you don't need to bring towers of speakers to improve your sound since it will be done naturally. If that was not the point of the structure they could have called it a gazebo and saved a ton of money on the design.
Brett Bonfanti April 14, 2012 at 03:35 AM
I'd have to disagree with you Marty. I don't see the design as beautiful. It kind of reminds me of a mushroom. This design IS intended to amplify sound, that is why it is called an "amphi"theatre. However, I have brought it to the BOS' attention that it should not be called an amphitheatre because the prefix "amphi-" is greek and means "around" or "on both sides." There is nothing "around" or "on both sides" about this design; it's open air and a factual inaccuracy to call it an amphitheatre. No matter what the bands bring to amplify the sound, it's not going to sound good because it will just bounce around in dead space. The purpose of an amphitheatre having sides around it is to keep the sound in and allow it to reverberate, creating a rich, full sound. If you've ever heard a marching band play at Birney Crum Stadium (Allentown), you'd see that there are only bleachers on one side. Because of this, the sound bounces off of that one side and goes into air, causing an echo. This echo throws off the band and makes it difficult to stay together.


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