Supervisors: Palmer Fire Department a Bargain

Palmer Township supervisors dissect fire department costs during budget session.

They may have to pay a lot for fire hydrants, but Palmer Township officials say they are getting a bargain paying for their fire department.

During budget discussions last month, Palmer officials went over every department and its spending.

In meeting with Fire Commissioner Delmar Grube, township officials went over the cost for fire hydrants.

Palmer Township has 400 fire hydrants and Grube said that, after a tour of the township, he found problem areas where some more may be needed.

Grube said it costs the township between $5,000 and $6,000 to add a fire hydrant.

Palmer Supervisors Chairman Dave Colver said it costs $18 per hydrant per month.

"It's a necessary evil," he said.

The fire department's budget for 2013 is $439,000.

Out of that, Colver said, $158,000 is for insurance.

"It costs $250,000 to run the fire department," Colver said. "That's pretty amazing."

Supervisor Bob Lammi agreed.

"We have 21,000 residents," Lammi said. "That's a pretty good price for fire protection."

Palmer Township recently adopted its 2013 municipal budget at its last meeting of the year on Dec. 10. The budget holds the line on taxes for the fifth straight year.


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