Usage Debated for "Cottage in the Woods"

As decision nears Thursday, numerous usage options outlined for "Cottage in the Woods."

The fate of the controversial "Cottage in the Woods" comes down to a vote by the Forks Township supervisors Thursday.

But if the township-owned Zucksville Road property survives the wrecking ball, how might it be used?

That usage was discussed and debated at the supervisors' recent meeting.

At 1,100 square feet, one question is what kind of usage could fill the space.

"Because it's so small, is it functional?" Supervisor Dan Martyak wondered.

Supervisors Chairman Erik Chuss and the Forks Area Art Society recently met in the township recreation building next door to see how accessible that spot was for meetings. He seemed to think that place would not work for meetings.

So that may rule out one use for the cottage.

"The cottage isn't really suited for meetings," Chuss said. "It's more for exhibits, more for displays."

Chuss wondered whether the two upstairs bedrooms could be rented at $100 a month each for use as studios by local artists.

Ellie Reismeier, head of the Save the Cottage Committee, doesn't think the township's historical society has much interest in the cottage.

She sees groups like the Boy Scouts using it and as a place that could anchor nature trails, a picnic pavilion and an arboretum.

"It really could be a success," Chuss said. "If we have a building like that, we could open it up to artists and maybe use for weddings. It's just how much money are we willing to spend to fix it?"

ellie reismeier September 19, 2012 at 12:21 PM
The square footage is off by one 0 in this article.....yeah it's small....but we have a plan! And....my name is Ellie....I'm heading the committee to Save the Cottage in the Woods!
Dino Ciliberti September 19, 2012 at 07:39 PM
oooooops! I fixed it.


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