Do You Want to Name an Easton Classroom?

Easton Area School Board looking at its rules for naming school property.

How would you like to see a classroom named after you at March Elementary?

Or a computer lab at the Easton Area Middle School bearing your family name?

The Easton Area School Board is looking at establishing rules for such situations as way to bring in extra income to the district.

“Obviously Cottingham Stadium is off limits, but you could have -- and I joke with people -- the Charmin bathroom," board President Robert Fehnel said during Monday's policy committee meeting.

Joking aside, the board is looking at rules for naming its property. What should get named? How long will those names stay in place?

What should they charge? 

And even if Charmin doesn't shell out $10,000 worth of toilet paper to have a restroom bearing its name, it's always possible someone would want to spend money to honor a revered educator. Or that -- as board member Robert Moskaitis suggested -- another corporation would donate services in exchange for a name.

The bottom line is, in all cases, it brings money into the district," said Fehnel.

Board member Baron Vanderburg said there needs to be a limit on what gets named: "Cafeteria, auditoriums, maybe even hallways…but not every classroom."

Other board members said it was important not to make the idea of naming too costly to reach.

"We may have a bus driver who wants to name a bus after themselves," Fehnel said.

"We already suggested that," added Helen Jones, a district bus driver.

The board -- which is facing another budget deficit for next year -- is also looking at the idea of setting up a private education foundation in order to raise extra money. 


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