EASD Pushes Math, Science Requirement

The Easton Area School Board is contemplating making math and science a requirement over four years of high school.

Math and Science.

You hear about their importance in helping our nation compete against other global markets.

And some members of the Easton Area School Board believe that making those subjects a requirement over four years at the high school might just help raise the bar on that global competition.

High school students take four years of English and history; math and science should be no different, school board member William Rider stated.

Right now, students take three units of math and science, and Rider and board member Robert Moskaitis believe that four years should be a priority.

"There's very little doubt that science, math and technology are going to be increasingly important to be able to get the jobs of the future," Moskaitis said.

Board members wonder, though, what impact adding a fourth unit might have on staffing, block scheduling, graduation requirements and elective credits.

"We want to proceed down the right path," Moskaitis said.

The board is hoping to make some sort of decision before the winter holiday. Next year's course guide is due in mid-December.

"Let's look for this down the road," Rider said. "It's not immediate. We want to get this going correctly. I don't think this is an overnight issue."

Anonymous October 15, 2012 at 12:24 PM
I agree that math and science should be 4 yrs. Especially with block you do not get as much done....so a fourth yr is good. What I would do to make more time in a student's schedule is knock history down to 3 yrs. Those interested in History can take a fourth yr as an elective.
Jay Bell October 15, 2012 at 05:57 PM
I agree also. I think there needs to be more learning strategies implemented, in order to help students succeed at the new, potential requirements. www.firebrandcentral.com


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