Which Easton Teachers Were Laid Off?

The Easton Area School Board has approved a list of 47 teachers whose contracts were suspended or not renewed.

The Easton Area School Board voted Tuesday to approve a list of 47 teachers who will not return for the 2012/2013 school year.

The teachers either had their contracts suspended or simply not renewed, part of a larger move to cut more than 100 jobs .

The teachers who had their contracts suspended were:

  • Stacy Brandes,
  • Shawn Collier,
  • Michelle Danyi, Palmer
  • Robin Ewer, , 5-6
  • Rebecca Haller,
  • Jeffery Heagele, EAMS 5-6
  • Megan Heimbach,
  • Sean Killen, Shawnee
  • Nicole Kovich, EAMS 5-6
  • Blakely Mayrosh,
  • Shawn McEntire,
  • Joseph Mock, EAMS, 5-6 and 7-8
  • Edward Moussa, EAMS 5-6
  • Amy Phillips, Shawnee
  • Michele Pilzer, EAMS 7-8
  • John Pursel III, EAMS 7-8
  • Edward Reid, Palmer
  • Sean Richmond, EAMS 7-8
  • Matthew Rusnock, EAHS
  • Ritish Sanal, EAMS 7-8
  • David Walp, EAMS, 5-6 and 7-8
  • Melissa Walsh, EAMS 5-6
  • Jennifer Waver, Easton Area Academy
  • Deanna Webb, Easton Area Academy
  • Bryan Wolf, EAMS 5-6

The teachers whose contracts were not renewed are:

  • Jamie Arnts, EAMS 5-6
  • Jennifer Cudzil, Shawnee
  • Richard Cummings, EAHS
  • Maria Ding, EAHS
  • Matthew Ellis, EAHS
  • Pamela Hayford, EAHS
  • Erena Joseph, Easton Area Academy
  • Christina Lynn, Palmer
  • Karla Matamoros, district wide
  • Jacquelyn Olimpio, EAMS 5-6
  • Garrett Oswald, Shawnee
  • Mary-Elizabeth Panto, Easton Area Academy
  • Cherie Quinones, Shawnee
  • Jeffery Regina, Easton Area Academy
  • Jessica Reifsnyder, March
  • Trisha Roberts, EAHS
  • Valerie Rutt-Guerriere, EAMS 5-6
  • Judith Scheetz, EAHS
  • Sara Telesz, March and Shawnee
  • Candice Walton, EAMS 7-8
  • Brent Williams,
  • Marc Winter,
louis kootsares June 28, 2012 at 03:46 PM
i see a list of teachers teachers teach but i see no admistrators tell me what do assistants and all these principals do?except life real high on taxpayers money and think about their fantastic packages and the fril positions.. good example grief councilers isnt that what parents are for?
Rasterone August 15, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Keep in mind that current cut lists UNDERSTATE the cuts as to last years layoffs and departures/retirements which were not replaced.....


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