Easton Prom Featured in Oprah Magazine

Photos from a prom in Easton part of series highlighted in January issue of 'O.'

Thanks to reader Jennifer Parziale for tipping us off to this: The January issue of O: The Oprah Magazine features a photo from this year's Easton Area High School prom.

The picture is part of a feature on photographer Rebecca Greenfield's "Coming of Age" project, which focuses on young women undergoing various rites of passages, whether it's a quinceañera or a wedding or a Bat Mitzvah or in this case, a prom.

"I've photographed girls from a broad variety of backgrounds, but I find they share more similarities than differences," Greenfield told the magazine. "Transitioning from girlhood to womanhood is a beautiful, painful, complicated thing, and that feeling is universal."

You can see the full set of the Easton photos at Greenfield's website.


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