Easton Schools Look at New Computers, Web Service

Technology director proposes upgrading Easton's internet service.

Tom Drago had one word for the internet service at the Easton Area School District: slow.

"You try to watch a movie in our district…you try to go to YouTube, to watch something educational…it is horrible," Drago, the district's director of technology, told the Tuesday night.

Drago proposed an upgrade in the district's internet service, from 50 mb to 125 mb. 

It would cost the district more to get a faster network, from about the $2,000 a month it pays now to $3,320 a month. He noted that the district is saving $22,000 by terminating three interal circuits.

Drago's presentation also included information about the district renewing its computer lease with Apple.

The $1.1 million lease -- which the school board will vote on at its March 27 meeting -- covers computers for every school, as well as the administration building, business office, and athletic department.

The purchases includes a few iPads, which Drago sees as becoming a larger part of education as time goes on. 

"We’re going to be having text books on iPads," he told the board.

The five-year lease will be paid off in a series of $224,000 yearly installments. Drago said the district will be able to get some of that money back through its annual laptop sale, which he estimated will bring in roughly $510,000 in the next two years.


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