List of Easton Area School District ParaProfessional Cuts

The Easton Area School District eliminated 41 paraprofessional jobs at a meeting Tuesday night and also reduced 12 others from full time to part time.

The Easton Area School Board eliminated 17 teachers and an assistant principal at a special meeting Tuesday night to help ease budget constraints.

The board also cut 41 paraprofessionals -- staffers who work in various positions throughout the school district. Twelve other staffers had their hours reduced from full time to part time while one resigned and another took a leave of absence.

These are the 41 paraprofessionals who lost their jobs:

  • Sarah-Jane Appleman, Easton Area High School
  • James Arrizza Jr, Easton Area Middle School 5-6
  • Kerith Bent, Easton Area High School
  • Christine Bruce, Paxinosa Elementary
  • Crisangel Cabreja, Easton Area Middle School 7-8
  • Diane D'Arrigo, Easton Area Middle School 7-8
  • Gina DeLaRosa, Easton Area High School
  • Audrey Dennis, transportation
  • Dana Dungan, Easton Area Middle School 7-8
  • Julia Erdie, Easton Area High School
  • PaulaAnn Fish, Easton Area Education Center
  • Sandra Fox, Easton Area High School
  • Michele Freer, Cheston Elementary
  • Berna Golis, transportation
  • Debra Hockman, transportation
  • Cathy Hodges, Paxinosa
  • Navdeep Kaur, Paxinosa
  • Julie Kearney, Easton Area Middle School 5-6
  • Lesley McCadden, March Elementary
  • Cathy McIntyre, Tracy Elementary
  • Lauren McNeil, Cheston
  • Jamie-lyn Miller, Cheston
  • Deborah Mitchell, Easton Area Middle School 7-8
  • Amy Morsillo, Palmer Elementary
  • Trina Petroni-Bateson, Shawnee Elementary
  • Joseph Pysher, Easton Area Middle School 5-6
  • Joanne Raso, Easton Area Middle School 7-8
  • Susan Rice, transportation
  • Lisa Rufo, districtwide
  • Andrea Schenck, Easton Area Middle School 5-6
  • Heidi Schoentube, Easton Area Middle School 7-8
  • Deanna Sisonick, Palmer
  • Megan Smith, Easton Area Middle School 7-8
  • Pauline Stepansky, Easton Area Middle School 7-8
  • JoAnne Templeton, Cheston
  • Karen Tooma, Paxinosa
  • Carole Vincent, Palmer
  • Maryanne West, Paxinosa
  • Dani Whitehead, Tracy
  • Lori Williams, transportation
  • Jennifer Willshaw, Easton Area Middle School 5-6

12 paraprofessionals were reduced to part-time employees:

  • Denise Casciole, Easton Area Academy
  • Amy Coleman, Palmer
  • Tracy Hall, Easton Area Academy
  • Denise Howey, Easton Area High School
  • Maria Irizarry, Paxinosa
  • Elizabeth Kolis, Forks Elementary
  • Susan Kostura, Easton Area High School
  • Christina Lippincott, Forks
  • Patrice Poloso, Easton Area Middle School 7-8
  • Elizabeth Ponce, Easton Area High School
  • Gabriela Strunk, March and Palmer
  • Frank Yandrisovitz, Tracy

Kimberly Baldino-Waldenmayer, athletics coach, resigned while Bruce Miller, maintenance, took a leave of absence.

Molly July 12, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Its saddens me that journalists feel the need to put in print the names of people who lose their jobs. As if losing their job wasn't bad enough, now they have to read their names on a public website, or worse, in the local paper. No dignity and quite shameful. I'm disappointed with the Patch today. :-(
Dino Ciliberti July 12, 2012 at 08:11 PM
Hi Molly, Thanks for your comment. I think it depends on what the job is. With schools, the people are more of public figures. So I feel in this case it is best to let people know some of the teachers/staffers who won't be working at schools. Maybe too it allows the public, armed with this information, to go to their school board and fight for a beloved teacher or staffer who has lost their jobs. Sometimes that public outcry can reverse a decision. -- DC
Molly July 12, 2012 at 10:29 PM
Thanks Dino, but these workers have yet to receive their letter of suspension from the district. I think its in poor taste to put *any* employee's name in the public view after they were just laid-off. Doesn't matter what job they hold, they deserve dignity. I've never witnessed EASD reversing a furlough because of public outcry. Isn't it enough to know that 160+ workers in EASD were laid off? Knowing their names won't help.
Ken White July 14, 2012 at 10:03 PM
I wonder how well the school board understands just what these professionals (para?) do? Education is a labor-intensive endeavor. It's not like banking or finance where administrative oversight is of supreme importance. It's about educating kids and giving them a good environment to help them gain knowledge (good lunches and a safe, clean school). Everything else is fluff. My point: our schools are administratively top-heavy. Get rid of some of these over-paid administrators before axing any of those who actually come into contact with students.


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