Police Respond to EASD Security Cuts

Palmer, Forks police departments say Easton Area schools will be patrolled, protected.

While there are no more school security guards in the Easton Area School District, police officials are telling parents not to worry about their children's safety.

Here's a statement released by the :

PARENTS, The Palmer Township Police Department, has, and will continue to, have a uniformed Police Officer provide a presence throughout the school day. In addition to patrolling the Palmer and Tracy Elementary Schools, there is a Palmer Township Police Officer assigned full time to the Easton Area High School as a School Resource Officer.

Police Chief Greg Dorney said his department "currently has directed patrols in and around all schools during drop off and dismissal daily when school is in session and have done so for years."

"We have a very good relationship with the administrators and staff at both elementary schools," Dorney said. "Both welcome officers to stop by at anytime during the school day."

Dorney said that Forks Officer has been making an increased effort as a community resource officer to participate with activities within both schools.

"Lastly, we have had very few issues at either of the elementary schools in our township," Dorney said. "I really don’t see this having a significant impact on our department but officers are certainly aware of the change."

The has done away with security guards, yet another casualty of an off-season that saw more than 100 teachers and 50 staffers lose their jobs in the wake of closing a budget deficit.

Security guards at Cheston, Forks, Palmer, March, Shawnee, Tracy and Paxinosa elementary schools were eliminated as part of the Easton Area School District's layoffs for 2012-13.

Rasterone September 04, 2012 at 05:02 PM
That is a relatively cost ineffective use of taxpayer funds--to essentially layoff a handful of relatively moderate if not low paid EASD security staff and transfer the security burden to somewhat higher paid local police force --but it does shift the visible costs off the EASD side of the cost sheets. Next expect the EASD to layoff low paid cafeteria worker and replace them with much higher paid teachers?
Sue September 04, 2012 at 05:53 PM
WOW with all the stuff that goes down in these school what a shame they took away the security...what will the district do when a student brings a gun to school or stabs an innocent teacher, student etc and the police dept can't get there fast enough. Wow! EASD just gets more stupid as time goes on what a punch of idiots running the board.
Rasterone September 04, 2012 at 06:34 PM
Of course if your school has commercial tenants in there before and after school you might want to think how that impacts security . Now if the tenants paid a lot of money such that other things could be improved that might be different--but check out how much each commercial user has paid EASD to date before you assume answers as to the profitability of day care .
Ken White September 04, 2012 at 11:58 PM
EASD must’ve saved millions by axing the security guards (the security guards don't know it yet, but to make even more money, the school district auctioned them off on Ebay. They have two weeks to report to their new families). So, let’s take that money and give each student a small nuclear device while in school. "But it's dangerous to give kids such weapons," the 2cd Amendment, NRA-hating liberals will whine as they pull up in their made-from-recycled-smugness little Prius's's. Um, no! The concept of mutual verifiable destruction, or MVD, assures it will work. And of course we'll make them watch a short DVD on MVD first. Yes, there are legal issues to consider. Apparently, giving kids small nuclear devices is frowned upon in this country because of you-know-who from you-know-where. Thank you, Obama. Mitt would allow it. I hear the Romney household has scads of them (it became something of a tradition that Mitt would give Anne one on every anniversary). In fact, that's how Anne kept their five boys in line. "I would just hold up one of the devices and sure enough they'd run right upstairs and put on the correct underwear," she probably told someone. "Nuclear scolding's what I call it. And if Mitt came home feeling frisky but I wasn't, I’d simply place a device between us on the bed. No words spoken yet message delivered," she smiled her special I'm-the-only-wife-in-America-getting-a-full-night's-sleep smile. What's good for the Romney's is good for our schools.
Rasterone September 07, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Not to worry --while union members (teachers) sleep they will be replaced by "learning facilitators" (not covered by contract) and whatever remains of public sector education will be converted to charter schools essentially run by Harrisburg . Harrisburg has done such a fine job of solving Chester Upland problems over 15 years+ of state management that they turned it over to a political appointee to finish it off after about 1/2 the children bailed out . Wonder what schools will be next and how far behind being wiped out is EASD.


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