Sandusky to be Sentenced Oct. 9

A judge has set October 9 as the sentencing date for Jerry Sandusky, who will probably spend the rest of his life in jail

A judge this week set October 9 as the sentencing date for convicted child rapist and former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, according to USA Today.

Sandusky is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison - he faces maximum penalties of more than 400 years behind bars for abusing 10 victims over 15 years.

A jury found Sandusky guilty of 45 counts of child sexual abuse in June.

Sandusky's lawyer says he plans to file appeals and is hopeful for a new trial, according to the Centre Daily Times.

Meanwhile, two former Penn State administrators facing charges as a result of the Sandusky scandal have asked the court for separate trials, according to the Centre Daily Times.

Attorneys for Gary Schultz (a Nazareth native) and Tim Curley argue that their clients’ trials will be prejudiced by being held together. They are scheduled to stand trial together starting Jan. 7.

Schultz and Curley face:

  • Felony perjury charges for testimony they gave to the grand jury investigating Sandusky
  • Failure to report child abuse charges.
Anonymous September 20, 2012 at 02:20 PM
As someone who was sexually abused, I have followed every article about Sandusky probably closer than I should. It has been emotionally taxing even though I have never met this man. I keep wanting him to just admit what he did. His constantly insisting that he did nothing wrong is so disturbing to me. If you are someone who has a "secret" of something you did, it is better to be honest and admit your guilt. Say your sorry and try to explain how you let your very real feelings turn into something that was sinful. This is a lesson, that feelings lie to us. We need to deny ourselves of things which we would not do, eat, say or drink in the company of others. Live your life purely as though every second is being recorded. When you DO mess up, admit it, try to get help and certainly sincerely apologize to all those who you affected. There are too many victims and not enough honesty. Let's not keep silent anymore.


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