Easton Area Layoffs Still Bother Parents

School starts Monday, and some parents are concerned education will suffer with fewer teachers.

Last week, Susan Eagle's grandson took a tour of the . He walked the halls, saw his locker, found his new homeroom.

There didn't seem to be many teachers around, Eagle noted. And when her grandson begins sixth grade Monday, he'll have the same teacher for English, reading and math.

In the past, the same teacher wouldn't have taught all those subjects, Eagle said.

But that was before the , many of them at the middle school.

"That is a concern to me, that our children are not going to get the education that they need," she said.

She's part of a larger group expressing those concerns. At last week's school board meeting, Tara Gilligan of the PTA said many members of the group were upset with how the layoffs were handled, and concerned about the coming year.

Parent Suzanne Zito has a sixth-grade daughter with learning disabilities.

"I am concerned that she might not get the attention and support that she needs to be a successful student," she wrote on the Easton Patch Facebook page. "My husband and I are going to stay on top of things, keeping in contact with her teachers to see where she might need extra help at home. How are the teachers supposed to make sure each child in their classroom receives the educations they are entitled to?"

We put out a call to , but we still want to know what their concerns are about the new year. Tell us in the comments, or e-mail tom.coombe@patch.com.

louis kootsares August 26, 2012 at 09:15 PM
bring teachers back loose the excess baggage.. the vice principals, assistant whatevers,..teachers teach,ok bigger classes are ok but what do all these professional goldbricks do? beside get huge salaries, unwarrented benefit packagesand other good stuff if any private sector business had this much top administration it would go belly up.. i see bangor school district is talking drug testing for its educators..it needs to be... not side tracked with boobies bracelets
George S August 26, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Ah, the private sector, the right wing panacea for everything. Let's have math sponsored by Mcdonalds, reading by Walmart, geography by Coke. Let's drill it into kids heads as early as possible that their main role in society is to be good consumers. Let's sacrifice everything on the alter of profit.
Anonymous August 27, 2012 at 03:03 AM
I agree about bringing the teachers back. The administrators are just filling out paper work from all of the discipline problems. As far as sacrificing every on the alter of prOur students are already consumers...but not students of saving for the future. They only know how to spend as their parents do. The person who allows it is the parents. Many kids are convincing their parents to eat out all the time, buy them phones at an early age...etc. The parents are too busy and guilt ridden to say no. School is simply the government paid free babysitting for many. It is not the fault of the companies...it is the lack of parenting. I will know that the economy is actually hurting when parents finally start saying no to their kids who want all the latest trends and start eating at home more.


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