Sell or Snort 'Smarties,' Get Suspended, Easton Area Principal Says

Kids in Easton are apparently snorting and smoking crushed up candy, the middle school principal says.

Search "snorting Smarties" on Google and you'll get a a few thousand results, including a few how-to clips that teenagers have posted to YouTube.

Smarties—for those of you that haven't had candy in a while—are tangy little pink and purple candy discs.

The trend of crushing up and then snorting and "smoking" them appears to be a few years old, but it has apparently made its way into the Easton Area Middle School, where the principal last week suspended four students who were selling Smarties.

The Express-Times reports that principal Charlene Symia is warning parents about the trend, and says other students using or selling Smarties could be suspended.

("Smoking" in these cases seems to indicate inhaling the dust, but not actually lighting it.)

Other schools have taken similar measures. Last month, an elementary school principal in Fountain Inn, SC banned any candy that could be crushed into powder—or already came in powdery form, like Fun Dip—after 31 students were caught inhaling Smarties.

While snorting candy won't get anyone high, it leads to infections and choking hazards. Educators say it's inappropriate for kids to mimic adult drug use.

What do you think? Is it behavior warranting a suspension from school? Take our poll and tell us in the comments.


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